Dark thoughts

Whether an assassin have any rights
And a solider has to be killed in a fight
what is the worth of a prostitute’s kiss
a homeless death, will the world miss
Is killing a animal daft and cruel
If you don’t eat meat, are you a fool
Porn and naked bodies to admire
Burning green live wood in a fire
Leaves have souls when they are green
Why screaming profanities is obscene
Life’s cruel realities in a blink
Strange, inane thoughts I think

43 thoughts on “Dark thoughts”

  1. I love that leaf set against the blue, although it doesn’t relate to the poem(in my mind’s eye). Nevertheless, I can relate to the poem anyway, as it does speak to the times we live in.

    I would think such a dark subject should be dressed in black. No matter, this was a nice share AB. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Interesting thought, there is more colour in darker section of the society (hence a fully saturated photo), be in blood, deep layers of make up to hide dark circles, abbatoires, recently cut tree etc.

      It is my pleasure to share something from the dark end. Slightly unorthodox but then that’s me…


      1. Actually, when you put it like that, you have a point. It’s a sad thought, either way, that we’re blessed with life, yet some people spend their time making it ugly, rather than seeking the beauty that surrounds us.

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