Four friends and an octopus

Four little Lily pads
Went to the sea
Want to see
Her Majesty

Unending waters
Shores not known
Fables and tales
Of the days bygone

As they got near
their hearts filled with fear
The mighty sea
was showing its colours

winds strong, waves flow
strong tides, high brow
At the bay, out of their way
lived the kind Octopus
Saw these novices

Unable to move
Unable to enjoy
The turquoise blue
Ocean glue

Beautiful sun
Or have any fun
Calmed them down
By singing a song

Let them drink
Something strong
Mood restored
Fear no more

They went in
Lagoon grinned
Met the wise coral
Heard from her
Ethics and morals

Eel came around
Electricity abound
Charged their hearts
Journey restarts

it was time to go
Back to their pond
Pads truly happy
Wanted octopus along

For him to see
Beautiful world
beyond this sea
He came by
Thoroughly enjoyed

The tranquility
Life quality
Of calmer waters
And smaller beings
No adventure of the sea
Just contentment and glee

20140201-102604 am.jpg

47 thoughts on “Four friends and an octopus”

  1. A delightful fancy to accompany those beautiful water-lily pads. When I was young and had many Mauritian friends, they called those “nΓ©nuphars” – only the gods know how to spell that, but at least I have it correct in terms of pronounciation. πŸ˜€


  2. What a cute lil story AB! I could almost envision the kind octopus making friends with the lily pads. Hey, come to think of it, Disney should make this into an animated movie…it really is cute! πŸ˜‰


      1. Wow! Thank you! And, I did seek out help regarding my posts and why you don’t get them on your reader. But haven’t received a reply or been able to figure it out myself. Unfortunately…so remember to check in πŸ™‚ Thanks!


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