Cross mannequin

Why don’t you talk
Why don’t you listen
Why don’t you care
That is not so fair
Stop looking at your phone
Please listen to my moan
Everyday it is something else
Could be work, hard sells
Or this eternal sitting still
Life so boring, grinding mill
Time doesn’t pass, time kills
I know, you have your bills
Friendly chats, business skills
Here is a request, a beg from me
Just move me a little everyday
Give me a hug, something nice to say
Don’t run away, please stay
Will make me happy, make me gay
Say and say, all you secrets to me,
I am safe, all the way

20140514-084601 am.jpg

23 thoughts on “Cross mannequin”

  1. So frustrating in life these days. Look around…. In a mall, at a restaurant, visiting, or going to a doctor’s office. No one talks to each other. Each and every one is on their phone. Doing ‘what???” So important your post is today, AB. Glad to see it here.


    1. Of course, all civilisations which were slightly away from it till 20 years ago such as China, India, Brazil have eschewed their ways and joined the mad rush to acquire more and more things πŸ™‚


  2. Welcome to post-modernism my friend. How do we deal with it?
    That’s is the big question. What’s to come of the next generations? Time will tell.


  3. words for every one to think about,for everyone seems to be bonded but are mostly in isolation…nice work


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