The last locked door of the universe

When keys were not required
to open any doors
I received one, as a gift
universe shifts, to accommodate

a fool’s dream, such kindness shown
soul screams and tears start falling
with no end, moistening sharp bends,
key’s ends, inner voice says

now, the only door needs to open
is to your heart, take it apart
it has been locked for long
haven’t heard a love song,

for ages, as sages say
It is time, past unable to change,
present calling, unless you hold its hand
future falling, to abyss

don’t be afraid, leap,
then look below, above, near, afar
enjoy the night full of stars
sparkle and twinkle in beloved’s eyes

life surmised, in those beautiful moments
peace prevailed, contentment inhaled
and the last locked door of the universe
opened, your heart awakened

bliss spread, nothing to dread
just a sun shining Sunday morn,
heart adorned with a solitary key’s gift
to reach fabled redemption


18 thoughts on “The last locked door of the universe”

    1. the girl sans name,
      title or fame,
      keys you’ve found,
      a missive and a bound
      book of lost verses,
      belong to you, in a
      mirrored universe true
      where longings are joy
      belongings are toys,
      redemption is dark
      love is without spark
      Sadness is beautiful
      passion is dutiful
      Being lost is a bliss
      Laughter, given a miss
      keys are without doors
      Structures without floors
      Mesmerising, gripping
      the world dark, tripping
      feel very much home,
      with a bound solitary tome,
      reaching that shore
      Keyless, knob-less door
      we cry out of jubilation
      soul’s boundless elation

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