the Masjid which defines the city – Abu Dhabi

When real crescent meets
the fake one,
a dried lake one
made of glittering gold,
thousand merchants sold
It smiles and says
Billion dollars and this
Divine is pleased
not with spent money
how funny, are Sapiens’ deeds

20131127-090852 pm.jpg
I was in Abu Dhabi few days ago. People know the city for its oil wealth and F1 racing! I will know it for its truly majestic mosque. Here are few shots…

20131127-091534 pm.jpg

20131127-091354 pm.jpg

20131127-091511 pm.jpg

20131127-091449 pm.jpg

20131127-091435 pm.jpg

20131127-091418 pm.jpg

40 thoughts on “the Masjid which defines the city – Abu Dhabi”

  1. You´re going to get bored with the word “beautiful”, but it is a beautiful place and pictures.

    Here´s a question, there´s this blogger friend that has gone to Dubai, (that´s why I wanted to check out these pic´s) she tell me to go there and from what I gathered if you are not rich you are not going to be able to see all those beautiful things or stay in semi normal hotels not sleeping with the construction workers.(Which I wouldn´t mind by the way, it would be quite another experience). So I told her that and this person says I´m nuts. Am I nuts when I talk about the disparity of the rich and poor in that country, that there is no middle class and obviously that´s one of the reasons I find it hard that I could make it over there.


    1. Charly it is a very very difficult country for the poor, you could stay with the poor in winter 🙂 there is a large working middle class there and there are cheap hotels in Dubai (you may not like what they have to offer but they are airconditioned), entry to all malls, mosques, beaches is free so you could Roam the city and they have a metro. Perfect city to observe the disparity and of course you are not nuts to talk about these things 🙂

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    1. Sonya, that is a wonderful analogy, let’s stretch it a bit, if I may, perhaps an absolutely beautiful face and soul of a Nun or a muslim girl in Hijab 😀 thank you so much


  2. Oh my this got my attention. All of your photos are so stunning. I’m catching up but I had to comment on these. I saw you comment about the oil capital. These images with the moon and the steeple are amazing. I want to email you about this! Stunning images gave me an idea!

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