It’s a wonderful world

pure jealousy
you are unique too
Just dig a little deeper
get those emotions
sense of solitude out
reveal true beauty
which will blossom
Life around you
that much recognition
inspiration gets ignition
fire of colour
will burn all bridges
to land ordinary
take a ferry
get to the dock
where fame, fortune waiting
in that moment pulsating
ignore them, move on
and embrace true greatness
being no one
And everyone
at the same time
pennies, dimes
will follow, stop being hollow
kiss million colours orchid
let her colours subsume
every pore of you
exhumes long dead
my tinker bell
claim what is yours
throne of immortality
through spreading
love, passion, emotion
in a extra ordinary way
every ordinary day
universe will remember
that scent, for eons
and the words
I was here
yes indeed
I was here
etched on the fabric
of time and tide
floating, hailing, calling
all travellers of unknown lands
showing existence, persistence
of beautiful you

20140131-010537 pm.jpg

41 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful world”

  1. Everyday you amaze me. I do not know how you write so beautifully with freshness every single day. Your photographs are definitely tremendous inspirations, but you are a true artist in more ways than one!

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    1. you my dear are very kind, I am humbled by your very generous appreciation of my ordinary work. I am blessed that I have got audience like yourself which allows and inspire me to write more πŸ˜€

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  2. Wow. Thank you for posting this today. Before reading this I was outside tending to my orchids and feeling melancholy. Then to come back in, looking for inspiration, I find your post. I will do as your words have spoken to me. Much love πŸ˜€Joe


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