Passing moment

Few words,
countless emotions,
fading memories
And she said
Come back, we all await
the day you return
lantern is still lit
gallery where your paintings
we sold for pennies
then in gold coins too many
long for your presence
such long absence
from us, and her
she misses youIMG_0239.JPG

14 thoughts on “Passing moment”

  1. This is lovely and serendipitously, echoes a recent meeting in my life! Is the photo your own? It’s struck a chord with me and I would love to be able to use it with a piece.

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    1. Karin,
      Thank you and I am pleased that you can relate, certainly all images on this blog has been borrowed from nature, life and ether by yours truly lens. Use it at your leisure with a hint of my lazy effort in a footnote would be more than enough! Kindest regards, AB

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