Write till
your hand bleeds
Moving fingers
Mind feeds
Do you care
If no one reads

Crazy words
without chains
Thoughts to
make you Insane
Whether you lose
Or you gain

All I have is
Imagination, wonder
Comes rain
Comes thunder
Never stop,
Never surrender!!

20140112-013210 pm.jpg

100 thoughts on “Write”

      1. In my view those are your thoughts, real ones, humanity’s power of imagination mean that we can create any type of thought process. When we write and it is happening in some fantastical land, does not make them in anyway unreal. Well that at least is my humble view, more than happy for you to hold your own πŸ™‚


  1. love it – I think what Lala meant that it was relatable I agree all thoughts are real, but they might only have meaning to the creator of these thoughts – but I deter from the beauty of your poem now – never surrender – that is so important, have a great day!

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      1. Lol – my goodness, my list is much longer than that! But don’t you find that you are your best listener? I always hear what I have to say when I talk to myself!


    1. Rekha, I am just a humble ordinary person, and in these thoughts I am certainly trying to convey our desire to move the mountains through our pens, thank you so much for kindness.

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  3. To write to the point of contracture that one can no longer let go of the pen. πŸ˜‰ Your penmanship looks great, AB. I believe writers have moments of surrender at one point or another, but thoughts just cannot be contained and soon released through writing yet again that it becomes a daily life source. πŸ™‚

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