Generous till death

today is the day
when every petal
will rise to the occasion
we hear them say
world is unforgiving
here we come
our life is few days
beat the drum
our mission is only giving
Ho hum
we will raise you near
without fear, to beloved,
her fully blossomed smile
Lips touching us a while
eyes kissing for a mile
when we travel in the front basket
of her bike on a summer day
nirvana attaining sun rays,
then we bleed, die in peace
nothing immediate
slowly, gradually
as death comes to an old man
in his last few days
breeze commences, to say good bye
giving beautiful tidings,
tomorrow is the day, when we die

20140130-092852 pm.jpg

30 thoughts on “Generous till death”

  1. It’s not the strength in the breeze but the russel in the leaves….ignorance is not always a permanent condition as you’ve seen the waves crash in on predictions….less infliction’s [of conditioned?]….which direction does the breeze blow …..who’s to know….
    Not I…but witnessed that blue sky long ago…with the whitest of clouds to thunder by…….
    Thank you for allowing me to share what your words sparked to flare….


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