Wish you were here

In memory of a loved one
the day you left
whole town wept
last rites don’t apply
as angels just fly
patience, care
Love immense
life after you
made no sense
who will now
calm me down
let me wear
that intellect crown
time has passed
since I have seen
that smile
that laugh
most beautiful heart
ever been
years pass
images degrade
those memories
never fade
heaven will have
a great party tonight
as soul of the world
celebrate in style
we on earth are
missing you
on your birthday
kissing you
in milk honey streams
in mad laughter screams
in every moment dreams

39 thoughts on “Wish you were here”

  1. What a wonderful and heartfelt tribute … Your words I am sure he will hear and be proud .. I am sorry for your loss.. Time is a great healer as I see 6 years have now gone by.. But His memory will live on in your hearts for eternity until you are united once again.. 🙂

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  2. I absolutely agree with all of the commentators above. Already so much of what I’m thinking has been said…
    It’s a truly beautiful and very touching tribute. I took my time reading through it, it’s filled with lots and lots of memories and emotions.
    These deeply felt words have touched my heart so much, I had to think of my own father, who I wish I could’ve had the chance to meet before his time here ran out.

    Best wishes, prospermind.

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  3. There’s a beautiful ambivalence here, AB … it gives the poem such depth. Someone once said that every French person becomes a Saint on his/her death. It’s more or less true. Even slaughtering generals are somehow elevated to statues and memorials. What I like about this poem is that it slyly slips in the truth of all human relationship: “in milk honey streams in mad laughter screams in every moment dreams.”

    I miss my father dearly … to the point of tears some nights. He was my best adviser and you could trust to his advice. I loved him … but I fought with him like a wild animal and never won. He was a rather renowned attorney. At the age of 18 I was off out the door of our immense old Victorian house, thinking no one noticed. My father’s voice came down the front stairway, “Where are you going?” I told him to a friend’s house. He said, “Oh, I see. Never mind, then. My mistake.” I looked at him in total confusion until he said, “I thought you were taking one of our cars, but since you didn’t ask, you obviously have other transport.” I was furious. “Of course I’m taking one of the cars.” To which he said, “Ah, then you did mean, “May I go …” I said, “No, I’m walking, and hurled the keys on the foyer table.” I walked a good three miles, and by the time I got there, his mother had to drive me straight home !

    Anyway, sorry to digress … your poems to that to me. This poem had the breath of life and death, which is a hard task to accomplish. (Mind you I don’t believe in, nor do I understand that whole “reunited” concept … it would be unimaginably crowded with everyone you’d known, from friends to family. ‘Take a number, please.”)

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    1. Mark,
      Thank you so much for these wonderful words and immense sharing which is never an easy thing to do about a loved one. I hope you cherish your father’s memories forever. Re your comment about reuniting, no one actually knows (belief or faith is not knowledge in my view…the answer is in the word) what happens in after life is now know until we die, it is good to think that you do meet your loved ones there. There is an easy answer to crowding issue, currently all 7 billion of us if stand together will only cover a very small island so if we talk about seven heavens and its immense area and us being in soul form don’t think that would be too difficult…but then who knows 😀


      1. You make a good point … which hardly surprises me 😉 I would so love to see my father again, he was the wisest, kindest man.


  4. Loved it! I know it’s a sad poem but there is still calm serenity in it… I know it must be difficult with such reflections but I think that’s the beauty of poetry… It’s a means of relieving your heart!

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