That memory of you

longevity of
some precious moments
which last till eternity
in your memories,

when all else fails,
Thoughts start leaving you,
you still hold onto,
lasting, tasting that feeling,

how soft were those lips,
how eyes smiled,
how we flew in the air,
Stayed there for a while

warmness of temple,
blushing cheeks,
long full eye lashes,
slowly opening bliss

as you hold onto
prolonging, extending
tongue bending
passion sending, kiss

28 thoughts on “That memory of you”

  1. This post is simply pitch-perfect, AB … the photograph is sheer wonder, and I looked at it far too long because it caught me in some sort of spell, induced by that which preceded it: “warmness of temple,
    blushing cheeks,
    long full eye lashes,
    slowly opening bliss

    as you hold onto
    prolonging, extending
    tongue bending
    passion sending, kiss.”

    The words smoking hot come to mind … as does the thought that you must be a good kisser. A good kisser is a gift from the fates. I was kissed once by a Frenchman and that kiss made me feel as if I were floating, as if I were no longer in an ordinary bedroom. I even dared ask him (in French) if someone taught him to kiss or it was just his gift. He said, “It’s just me.”

    In any case, it would take a hard-heart and a weak aesthetic soul not to be moved by this post. Wow.

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    1. Mark thank you so much for such wonderful thoughts on my most humble post. I will certainly make you my publicist if I ever had one πŸ˜€ seriously this a wonderful comment and honest sharing. Bravo et Merci Beaucoup πŸ˜€

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      1. Precious moments enhance human experience of life multi folds, controlling them is similar to trying to take a selfie while being kissed by the most beautiful girl in the world, you lose sight of momentous occasion and get too pre occupied by self absorption. It is the afterthought and memory counts which tells you how immersed you were and that by itself makes those few seconds perhaps one of the best moments of your life πŸ˜€ enough said I shut up now πŸ˜€

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    1. Hi Mies,
      The statue stood (at least on that day) on Orchard Road, Singapore. I am not sure it was a permanent installation. Next time I am in Singapore I will certainly check.
      Kindest regards,

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      1. Thank you very much AB. I don’t know, when I get to visit Singapore, it’s not around the corner from here in Germany πŸ˜‰ but I’ve visited a cemetry in Cremona, Italy, to take a photo, 10 years ago. So, let’s see, whether it takes me to visit Singapore! But I will be waiting for your results, I’m very glad about your answer. Also kindest regards to you and have a good time Mies

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      2. Mies,
        I hope you are able to travel more often and further from Europe to see the rainbow of cultures world has to offer and love and compassion of people around the globe πŸ™‚

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      3. Yessss!!!! I would like it, shure, and my wife too. And really, AB, there are many pseudo – reasons for keep IT further on and on and on… πŸ˜‰ But one day, we’ll start it. Now, we are only to welcome the cultures of the world here in Germany! And, yesterday, to see documentary films, e.g. about the island of andamanen, with the very friendly people living there. πŸ™‚

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