We met at the train station, it was so good to see her after such a long time. Her beautiful eyes had hints of longing, slight irritation, stories of years passed between us and some satisfaction to see me in good health. She asked her errand boy to give three beautiful marigold flowers to me one by one, he said to me each time in Urdu ‘yay-lo bhaijan’ which meant ‘take this brother’. We instantly laughed hearing that, knowing at least two other ways to interpret ‘yay-lo’. I was home and life was beautiful. My mother gave me a hug and jail time seemed like a distant past.

20140508-075947 pm.jpg

46 thoughts on “Hospitality”

  1. I just want to say that I really love your photographs and poetry. I hope you don’t mind if sometimes I just hit like as I don’t always have a comment, but really like the picture.

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    1. I of course very much appreciate active feedback, however it is perfectly fine, like with no comment, not even hitting the like button is ok as long you were able to enjoy the shared content 🙂 rest is unimportant. Thank you so much for your visits 🙂 really grateful 🙂


    1. Call them what your heart desires I always confuse the two as well, potentially these are Marigold 🙂 many thanks for the reblog 🙂


  2. I can’t work out the title. Marigolds are often used for companion planting because they REPEL some sap-sucking pests. But hospitable ?


  3. Hello AB, I loved the picture and the caption, “Hospitable”. Meaning hospitality needs to be as invitingly beautiful as these Marigolds. Whatever the case may be it makes one think.

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    1. Many thanks, there is some flash fiction behind the title, I finally had the courage to put it up for critics 🙂


  4. Gorgeous pic, totally does justice to the beauty of these marvels, makes my heart melt in their yellow golden shine….lovely writing too AB, took me right there to the station in the flow!!! 🙂

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