Istanbul – çok pahalı çok güzel

In the city of deep
thoughtful eyes
early morning
muezzin calls to paradise
not many bother to go
they are already there, I say
Angels forgot to obey
word of the Lord
and remove the Bosporus
Marmara and Black Sea
to adorn heaven
number seven
and I sat on the bank
looked up and said
thank you for a glimpse
my sins are great
redemption unlikely
let me be, touch and see
perhaps rewrite my fate
erase all else
love and hate
big hits and misses
just plenty of hugs
perhaps thousand kisses
from dames of Eden, on earth

20131129-100331 am.jpg

20131129-100351 am.jpg

20131129-100423 am.jpg








91 thoughts on “Istanbul – çok pahalı çok güzel”

      1. I’d love to take 400 walks through Istanbul. I hope you’ll share more of your beautiful shots along the way. I enjoy your blog completely.


  1. Stunning photos. I love the lamps, arches, and domes. I’ve only been in a mosque twice and the feeling is always indescribable! 🙂 Reminiscent photos… Thank you for this, AB.

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      1. Perhaps mesmerized by the photos and overlooked the words this time around. I’m at work, just peeking at WP! Will read it before bedtime. 🙂 Have a great day, AB!


    1. Robert, I am really happy to hear that you were able to stroll with me in Grand Bazaar, Banks of Bosporus, Sultan Ahmet, Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia, Saraye Top Kapi as the sun gloriously shining beautiful faces and spreading contentment and joy. Kindest regards AB

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  2. Istanbul has world world charm. It is on my list of -to see places along with Casablanca -Morocco. put some snaps if you have of market places and lanes and bylanes of the city. Lovely and touching poem.

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      1. I will certainly, actually I am next month flying through Istanbul, I have a long stopover I may take a cab and eat corns next to Yeni Cami 😄 absolutely delicious!, and may go ride the tram at Taksim and visit musical instrument shops at the end of Istiklal Cadesi right next to Galata tower…let’s see…

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  3. I lived in Morocco for a school year and I found the call of the muezzin irksome and discordant in the morning, and soothing, calming and something akin to the cooing of doves in the evening.


      1. In Marrakech, I was told that they were recordings … but maybe not. I think it’s just that it was hard to be awakened, and easy to get ready to eat my dinner (my maid Fatima made delicious cakes … but nothing else but vegetables that I could eat!)

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      2. You are very kind, it is my pleasure to have you as a very good friend and will certainly hang out with you next time in NYC or in Paris 😀


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