Some are good hearted
Good natured few as well
Evil live amongst us
Real monsters dwell
We rely on the good ones
To make this world turn
Power you can have any day
Respect you earn!

20140128-061436 am.jpg

15 thoughts on “Earn”

  1. This is so true. I try to stay away from the evil but it dogs my tracks sometimes. Odd how that is! All your posts are always wonderful. I know you probably get a lot of comments and they are hard to keep up with so I’m trying to limit them to one and just like all the others! 😀


    1. Michelle, that is very kind of you, yes people are generous and kind with their feedback and I always try to respond to each comment made. I absolutely don’t mind if you do more, do what your heart desires 😊


      1. I try to always be mindful that we do have lives and commenting on every single post makes it hard I think sometimes. I know for myself I don’t have the time to be online like I would like to so I try to be short but sometimes it is hard. Have a wonderful day and week! 😀

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