A bird and the boat

A seagull saw a lonely boat
Sobbing and crying
about her woes
All alone
no one around
Abandoned by
her friends and foes
His words of comfort
high tide, beautiful seas
Not enough, not satisfactory
Bird changed the tack
told how monstrous sea
killed so many
his brethren, and how
she is better off not going in
Told her about the dark tales
storms, winds, and gales
Broken boats and canoes
Icebergs and hails
Mighty ships split in twos
All those woes, made her think
Feeling content she smiles and say
Thank you little bird for making my day

20140129-105742 am.jpg

78 thoughts on “A bird and the boat”

  1. I used to live by the ocean. Now I don’t, so I miss it.
    I always liked watching the boats and the waves and the seagulls. πŸ™‚
    Beautiful photo and poem! πŸ™‚ Your gift of photography and writing brightens my day!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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    1. I wish I knew Ember, if you do find an answer do let me know as well since I am totally clueless. There is a more fundamental issue, do I have a functioning mind/brain or not 😊

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  2. No surprise that I like it … and the painting, with books in the background. I wish the boat had been a slight ‘weakly’ he thought … but not a critique. just an observation!

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    1. painting πŸ™‚ it is a processed photo taken in low tide in South of England, so I couldn’t make it slightly sea unworthy my friend πŸ˜€ I hope you are well having a great weekend!


      1. Yes … sort of. I made an attempt to talk to my ex on Friday, and It cast a kind of pall over the day. He was so cool, that I decided his heart must be fueling the polar vortex. It was a civil question about divvying up a bag pf photos that I’ve had forever.

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      2. Stay the course Dude, move on πŸ˜„ as they say nothing there to see, you are of course a gentlemen, I would run away with or burn away (depending on the subject matter) those photos and never look back 😊


      3. Best advice I’ve had all day, AB … truly. I’m an incredibly sensitive receiver (that’s suppose to be the new American term for a bottom) and yet I shall find the nearest dumpster and hurl them in ! The funny thing is that I have moved on … truly. Oh well. You’re so nice AB. If you want to talk, my email is Victoria.1837@yahoo.fr Je te fais un gros bisous.


  3. Authors should never quote themselves. This though is what I wrote after a long period of storms: Only the craft tested by storms do we know to be seaworthy. Those new and brightly colored boats bobbing by shore are untried. I would say the same to your battered little boat. My own humble words (LOL).


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