Let’s do something new
Drink water as a brew
Ride train on the carriage top
Fly kites and never stop
Cut grass with a small scissor
Start slumber on a buzzer
Play Vikings on a boat
Wear pyjamas as a coat
Count stones on a pebble beach
Teach someone you can never teach
Blink eyes with twinkles of stars
In the mud, drive racing cars
Climb a tree with just one finger
Let work linger and linger
Hop and hop, on your head
Eat more while very well fed
Do it while you have time
One day we all be dead!
If don’t like the above line
Go on, make one up instead πŸ™‚

20140128-104131 pm.jpg

56 thoughts on “Fun”

  1. Very Peter Pan of you AB. Your colors are so vibrant in your photos. In the old days, Fuji film had a different aspect to it than Kodak for much the same reason. Nice poem and pic, as usual. Peace.

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  2. I always love the bright colours of your picΒ΄s.

    By the way, you know how many “likes”you have!!! IΒ΄ll just rob a couple of them to make me look good.


    1. Many thanks Charly, yes I like my colours edgy πŸ™‚ regarding your query, I am not sure, but it is the generosity and kindness of all of you who appreciate my humble words and images πŸ™‚


  3. What a wonderful and whimsical poem, I enjoyed reading and imagining stuff.. How do I climb a tree with one finger?

    I loved this poem.

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    1. Many many thanks, you could climb those slightly lateral trees by walking on the stump and for balance just use you index finger to lean on other trees πŸ™‚


  4. Ok lets! I’m ready! I like wearing my pjs during the day! I was going to comment that this looks like Finland that is where my family is from. I see this is from Sweden. Pretty close! Again my favorite color orange! Yes! It is such a happy color I think! πŸ˜€


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