Kith and kin

One day we all
Into the bright lights
of heavens and earth
Till such time
I am indebted
to your company
and advice
To live, love
And enjoy
this beautiful
stream of joy
It is suffice

20140105-121928 pm.jpg

58 thoughts on “Kith and kin”

  1. I think you write with grace and elegance, in a fashion that I access easily. To me, it’s brilliant. I have my Ph. D. and I teach English, and I have rarely seen such a to-the-forrn elegant poem. Are you American? Are you in Europe? I iive berween rhe two.

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      1. Well, chiefly I teach English in France … so let’s say that I TRY to teach English to the seven who listen, rather than turn on the fire hose, hurl things out the window or … better yet … posting en greve signs on their desks and going out. Sigh. I love France, but it isn’t controlled … they do wonderful things with seafood and pastry, but crowd control seems to have evaded them.

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      2. I blame LibertΓ©, Γ©galitΓ©, fraternitΓ© πŸ˜€ certainly love French food…and absolutely admire Paris. There are few posts about France on my website….


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