Existence of existence

existence of doubt
reality of a moment
Did it exist?
Was it lived?
Was there laugh
a cry, a smile
time stayed awhile
I sensed it
Tensed it
Future, present,
immediate past
didn’t last
In that instance
did any one else
realise, materialise
their dreams
it seems, it passed
so fast, in a moment
no more, no less
I confess, nothing is left
except that image
resting, testing
my memory,
of that point
in history
and its importance
insignificance to us
to this universeIMG_2290.JPG

20 thoughts on “Existence of existence”

    1. what is beyond time, allegedly there was no time before Big Bang, will there be after singularity, would one big black hole suck time as well and make it stop 😊

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  1. I think it all goes way too fast and then we look back and wonder at least I do always am I going way too fast. Yes yes I am. I trying to cram as much life into a day as I can. Seems at the end of the day I don’t want it to end for some reason because I wasn’t finished yet with the day! I love this your writing…. you make me think for sure!

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      1. OH ya! I know what you mean, I hate to sleep plus I have a hard time sleeping so maybe that’s because there is too much life to live! Who knows! I’ll quit bugging you! I know you are doing your blog thing (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )

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  2. I used to lie in bed as a boy and cry … and somehow my mother always appear. How? I don’t know. We had a four-story house and I was at the top. She’d sit beside me and I’d beg her not to die. She always said, “In the sense you mean, I shall.” And … and did, prematurely of a stroke. Anyway, this poem is publishable … so do it, already!


    1. Mark, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, may she rest in eternal piece. I wrote this yesterday and the only place I currently publish is on this blog 😊


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