Good morning

Cloudy cold misty day
Won’t take my breath away
Still I am fine, morning is mine
aiming to put worries aside
gaming to get some time by the side
to walk my walk, and talk my talk
Plays are far, I am not the star
no audience to please
Just take in, release
bit fresh and clear, morning air
to watch people go by,
some beautiful faces, spaces
Some cute dogs, logs
This what I call a divine call
a lazy, hazy, morning stroll

20140206-025954 pm.jpg

26 thoughts on “Good morning”

      1. AB here- actually I like Bambang more, have a friend with the same name, Nono can work as well, love Bali, enjoy Jakarta. Terima kasih 🙂


      2. I assume Nono would have quite a few puns attached to it 🙂 I hope you don’t mind my jest… what are you going to say at your wedding ceremony Nono? 🙂 are you being promoted Nono 🙂 Are you coming Nono 🙂


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