Every moment life changes
Observe, reflect and react
don’t worry much about rumours
be very ready to act on a fact
Have courage to go against the tide
Peers not to admire, elders will chide
have fortitude to stay the course
Loneliness not deter nor does force
Pioneers pains are many never few
May the force be always with you!
20140525-093437 am-34477388.jpg


29 thoughts on “Alert”

      1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my post on the 3 questions. I’m hoping to get with the flow – I’ve had a bit of a block lately. Your posts are always beautiful & inspiring.


  1. yeah … that damn elusive
    Light … !
    I wish i could figure out how to control
    IT instead of
    IT (or she/he if you want to give it
    personage … ) controlling
    ME … but then .. how wonderful it is when
    IT HE/SHE is revealed to
    ME … ks

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      1. can’t figure out why my comment
        relates to the piece it’s posted
        under …
        there doesn’t seem to be any
        reference to
        light in the piece … oh well … the
        comment is still
        cogent …and thank you
        again … for being there …. ks
        above my comment …

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