How about some mint tea :-)

I know my actions
caused enormous hurt
to your heart’s numerous sections
same specie, different factions
there have to some brownie points for that
before I forget, have some mint tea
With no one else but me
and I agree
company is wretched
late night hatched
plan far fetched
Still good to give a chance
I insist, may heart persists
mind resists, all inane invites
Nothing serious, just a light bite
with tea, pleaseIMG_2133.JPG

29 thoughts on “How about some mint tea :-)”

    1. Indeed Yoshiko, most of times I think people fight over unimportant issues and keep grudges for ages 😊 this was a light hearted start of the week to beg in front of an imaginary beloved πŸ˜‰

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