Giant’s shelf 😊

Ho ha hum
Hear my drum
Dum dum dum
Chew some gum
Itchy feeling bum
Eating dim sum
Running tiresome
Sleep some some
Mood quarrelsome
Food wholesome
Feeling play-some
Ho ha hum
Where are my toys 😊😊

20140124-051706 pm.jpg

43 thoughts on “Giant’s shelf 😊”

  1. Heyyyyy AB, you had fun with this one, didn’t you? I can tell. I love that little box in the photo. I would like to have one like that to keep my jewelry in. Hahaha. How are you, btw?


    1. Dear Staci, apologies for a delayed response, I am very well (slightly distracted πŸ™‚ next time I come to Brazil I will certainly bring it along, however currently my travel focus is middle east πŸ™‚


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