Beginning of the end

Those rhymes I sung
When I was little
Front bells I rung
Before running away
Shouting top of my lungs
Old anthems of brave
Bees who stung
Anywhere I could touch
On those trees we hung
As days passed away
Bit by bit I am losing you all
Memories where art thou
Where else dear old fellow
Just on the tip of your tongue

20140124-042531 pm.jpg

33 thoughts on “Beginning of the end”

  1. Purple is my favorite color! And this IS very tongue-like!
    I love how the plant is so detailed, vibrant and clear, and the background is muted. I’ve never owned a camera and so photography fascinates me.


  2. Thank you for liking “Ghostly Ladies.” Nice photo and poem! πŸ™‚ It is so strange. Right now in my life, I am so busy with work and taking care of my elderly father and my pets that I rarely think about past childhood memories. On the other hand, my father frequently recalls his childhood experiences in vivid detail when he talks to me. He is retired now, and I think it is a way for him to temporarily forget the struggles with medical problems that he now experiences in his old age.

    Oh, the paradoxes of life are so frustrating! When you are young, your life is so full of activities that you have little time to reflect. However, when you are old, you have more time to reflect, but you may be too physically incapacitated to live your life fully.


    1. I am so grateful for your wonderful description of life and it’s paradoxes. My warmest regards to your Dad, sounds like an amazing person, I wish him well and may his medical problems go away soon. I agree with you wholeheartedly, our age, life, and circumstances play an interesting and most of the time slightly cruel game with us. However the courage and determination take us through this life and beyond. Have a blessed weekend.
      Kindest regards, AB


      1. Thank you so much for your warm wishes and thoughts. Sadly, some of my Dad’s medical problems are long-term ones, but he is able to get by with medication and regular checkups. I think part of the reason he ended up in this state is that he did not eat properly and take care of himself as he got older.

        Yes, I agree that courage and determination are important in this world and beyond. I also like thinking that there is a life beyond this one. While there are many interesting things in this world, this world seems so limited. Our finite minds have a finite ability to sense only a small part of what actually exists around us. I like to think that one day we will be freed from these limitations somewhere in that unknown realm beyond this one, and we will finally be able to experience the infinite.


      2. Your thinking certainly makes this world goes around, if majority of us didn’t believe in afterlife or excitement it brings to go beyond what we see and observe is unmeasurable. In some ways it doesn’t really matter whether there is something there or not, as long as we believe, it changes our lives and our views about what comes next.


  3. Wonderful composition! Amazingly Exceptional! Kudos.
    Childhood memories are sweet and always remain attached to our minds.

    We have started living in a world where something is missing. What is the remedy? Find out more in my poem β€œA Golden Heart” to reveal the superficiality of our lives
    Hope you will like it πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s very valuable πŸ™‚


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