bleakness of love on a beautiful day

let love talk to love
why are you here
throwing million darts
to kill the dear heart
taking souls apart
smiles frozen to the core
wretched folklores
none with happy endings
every one is dead
spewing blood,
some without heads
sweet path you have led
show mesmerising possibilities
while, destruction is assured
back stabbing is ensured
poor young, don’t know
what is coming their way
they think sun is shining,
on fields of hay
gold, silver linings, all to see
then you suddenly
turn glee to bleak
every door, window
almighty creaks
excruciating screams
can now be heard
betrayed facing extinction
lovers had your word
even devil doesn’t come near
fear runs away with fear
everything is destroyed
whatever is held dear
how you change
innocent pure souls
now without dreams
only ghastly goals
nightmares for lives
wars and strife
impervious to society
consider you their deity
are you happy
my dear friend
I tried hard, there is
nothing to defend
actions annihilate
decapitate desolate
a disease without cure
still let that not distract you
enter young hearts for sureIMG_0154.JPG

20 thoughts on “bleakness of love on a beautiful day”

      1. Point is, love is positive, bleakness is negative. And because we are not talking about God here, who, of course, possesses both (positive ad negative), there exists the minor problem of how you want love to become negative … πŸ™‚

        If someone might be in love and still feels a certain uneasyness or bleakness or similar, he is well advised to distinguish between all of them.

        The driving power of love is positive, as against the driving power of bleakness certainly not being positive, because it does not raise you but drags you down. Bleakness does not enhance your human gifted capabilities but rather hinder them, inviting you to meet despondency and/or embracing doom, which directly works against the human soul and its inherent mandate. πŸ™‚

        Take care,

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      2. thank you so much for taking the time to explain. I beg to disagree with a cynical mindset whereby Love creates exuberance and elation which is ultmately deflated after an initial period of joy and ultimately humans feel depressed and abandoned 😊

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      3. Again, we need to clearly differentiate here and assign the proper meanings to any single of such feelings.

        It starts with the impossibility that love could be cynical. If you are cynical, then where is your love? And when you love, your cynism is as far away from you as the morning star.

        Further down the road it is not the problem of love, if something gets deflated. If religion tells you not to kill and you kill nevertheless, would you plead religion to be at fault?

        No, no, don’t mix up things which can’t be mashed up. This is the reason, man has developed speech and language in order to define things, matters, situations and feelings and all the rest of it.

        If we have agreed upon that something is white, then it can’t be black at the same time.

        Very best regards,


      4. Dear Salva, I admire your passion to put everything into compartments of good and bad or black and white. However I don’t believe you could ignore all the grey which exists in everything. So rather than trying to convince you, my analysis suggests, based on our limited conversation so far, we perceive the universe around us in two radically different ways, for me even hard facts (such as laws of physics etc) are relative hence I put love in a very different category of emotional exuberance than yourself. It is very hard to make amends with such fundamentally divergent views so why don’t we leave this absolutely fascinating two sides of the same coin debate on one side and enjoy the light of mighty sun on a frosty morning 😊

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      5. Yes. And many a thanks for this nightly convergence of mind and heart! I enjoyed it very much and sincerely hope you won’t mind. πŸ™‚

        And as so far as grey is concerned, too much of that everywhere, though we have to try mastering it as well …

        Wishing you a joyous week,

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  1. From the moment I read it, I could not take my eyes away from your words. This is truly a wonderfully written piece.


      1. Sorry it’s kind of late, and the day has already passed, but thank you for such kind words! πŸ™‚


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