54 thoughts on “Survival”

      1. Artist! who are we talking about? me!! 😊 I am just a nomad on the loose, on the run!! it is you have been kind and very generous, thank you!


      2. Good Heavens,you are too humble to see that maybe.You know I wasjust reading your work and I am too lazy to comment on each one though I have lots of thoughts on it but its Spectacular.I am spellbound.Do you write professionally or write side by side?

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      3. you are fine MM, stop worrying, here is something for your from a post I will soon post
        stand out
        from the crowd
        believe deliverance
        trust in difference
        what is holding you back
        have courage, sail
        you will, unarguably, fail
        many times,
        most of the times
        pick yourself up
        dirt will disappear
        a new you appear
        bask in glory
        doubters, shouters
        hooters, looters
        will feel sorry
        for what they did,
        they should


      4. One more thing, currently I can not go directly to your blog from your comments, please link your blog to your Gavatar account!!


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