Made fables
Huge castles
Big stables
Stories to tell
Odes to sing
Melodies ring
Planes to fly
Ships to sail
Nothing left
to chance
Nothing fails
Then created
In order to play
In this world to stay
Sane and sound
Food abound
Clothes to wear

20140126-050809 am.jpg

33 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. That’s another beautiful poem. I can’t help thinking of writing, and how we escape the world though it. This has a really fast pace to it. Reminds me of how we need to slow down and enjoy things in life, like poetry and art.


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  3. Humankind came for a reason
    to live and love
    to embrace religion
    for they must return from where they arrived
    living life’s all seasons
    fables, stories odes or food
    will not go with me..after
    what will go is my belief and good deeds:)

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