Beauty of unwanted birth

when the pen of a poor poet
or a singer singing on the road
create flowers with
the most amazing smell
the most beautiful colour
fruits and berries
melting in the mouth
soothing all senses
past, present, all tenses
in a random unthought verse
unseen in the whole universe
even by the divine itself
she declares that
her unintended mission
to create humanity with
all its faults and absolute horrors
is accomplished
because of that moment,
unwanted children
became princes of the universe
for a random unthought verse

41 thoughts on “Beauty of unwanted birth”

  1. “because of that moment,
    unwanted children
    became princes of the universe
    for a random unthought verse”

    Love the sentiment of this. “Moment” is a very big word, and you have captured the power of it here. This, for me, is the root of compassion.

    About time I got around to following you–thanks for your dedicated support!

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    1. Thank you so much for that wonderful analysis.

      Pleasure to have you onboard on my creaking boat which claims to be on the voyage of the universe 😊


  2. spending some time on your blog here. this piece speaks to me deeply. though, yes, a child can be unwanted at birth and that is so devastating. could it be just as devastating when a child at birth is never really noticed for how they had to find their own way on why they never fit in, despite giving clue after a clue of turning more introverted in layer after layer to contend with western culture practices that aren’t natural processes of development for creative minds? It’s all about sacrificing your well being for the sake of making it easier for others that have no inner drive.

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    1. Deeply appreciate your thoughts here, I hope humanity’s few who have sacrifice as a trait keep delivering as otherwise we all are doomed. I am truly grateful for your extended visit and being able to find time to read some of my humble words. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much, words indeed has power to persuade, dissuade, encourage, enrage, engage, entertain 😊 listening/reading is the main ingridient to make it all happen…

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      1. Yes yes all is well☺I was caught up in exams and *ahem ahem* the grades are coming out quite nice…😊 So now I am at my disposal to peruse your delightful poem,moi mentor and also attempt at producing some of my own..☺I hope all is spectular on your end and if yes,may it remain so.Amen☺

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