Holes in the sole reveal
an era has passed
move over
go lower
time has lapsed
so fast, so swift
No chance to go astray
no drift
paltry wealth
dwindling health
linear lines, no lift
Now, what of now
is a good question
admission to vegetation
Rodents infestation
to weakened bones
lessons learned
ready to impart
audience depart
that attitude, that flair
no one cares,
all was left has left
daylight robbery, theft
or just life’s bitter end
when no one lends
an ear, supportive hand
any time to a poor soul
punishment for own goal,
grave solitude

20140125-051330 am.jpg

59 thoughts on “Retirement”

      1. It’s on one of those foot things of the Golden Jubilee Bridge nearest to the skatepark. Look over the railing onto the platform down there. I think you could take some great pictures. The skatepark is also amazing, by the way.


  1. I am about to retire from a 35 year career. this made me nervous that retirement is the end! I didn’t even get the shoe metaphor until I read the comments. Guess I had a bad day at work today. Very cool post and pic!


    1. Terri apologies if this post made you nervous, the retirement here is more close to retirement home then retirement from work, or incapacity to do much at a very old age and how we lose value to society ☺️ so don’t worry, work retirement at an arbitrary age is wonderful, means you will have more free time, use it wisely, don’t let it pass so quickly, make every day count 😊

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      1. No apologies necessary! Your words are beautifully written (my own slight insecurities coming to bear)…my mom is in a nursing home and it is so sad to see her life be so different. Your blog obviously resonates differently with people, and that is the beauty of writing. I can’t can’t WAIT to retire! πŸ™‚


    1. The poem is about the near end when our utility to society dwindles rapidly, photo about custom to hang your boots once you have decided it is time 😊


  2. I love this photo! Retirement is not a bad thing I don’t think it’s a great time for change and to admit we are changing and growing! I hope to always be able to let go, retire those things that should go and glean from them the wealth experience they brought to my life! πŸ˜„


  3. Sitting on the brink of retirement from work I wonder about all the ways I can share wisdom and grace and tenderness for those who are young before the holes in my soles are holes in my mind, before the thread is snapped the golden bowl is broken …

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  4. Retired from life, or life has retired. That hole in the heart, has made the whole life fall apart. No hands to hold, no songs to sins, no smiles are visible that can bring back the life..once lived.


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