Swimming at the speed of sound

fly away
how far can you go
trying to get away
go beyond reach
from that heartbeat
wide smile greet
most amazing treat
now torture of the worst kind
better be blind
then look at the lie
created to suit need
being endearing to all
fraudulent call,
still unable to get away
broken heart, soul sway
perhaps death will bring relief
long forgotten belief
that there is good around
kindness still abound
love could be found
unless being luckless
destiny utter feckless
soul so reckless
goes ahead, dives in a ditch
heartless never flinch
takes a knife, cuts all veins
happy memory lanes
dishonest tyranny reigns
passion lost, ruthless gains
soul runs miles, fortitude wanes,
unable to stop, this fatal drop
and falling airborne me!IMG_0165.JPG

41 thoughts on “Swimming at the speed of sound”

    1. of course I did Staci, the answer is in the last line, when I was falling from the sky and was airborne I saw this plane passing by at 30,000 feet, I took that photo and then landed on two feet to tell the tale 🙂


      1. Wow, you’re my hero. I could never skydive. You were skydiving, right? My uncle used to be one of the top 15 skydiving instructors in North American (or maybe Canada. Can’t remember). You’ve got guts, my friend.


      2. you got the answer, btw you can’t sky dive that high, not much oxygen and chill and wind probably will kill too 🙂


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