45 thoughts on “Sweet dreams”

    1. In my mind, when I see this picture I see eyes closed chin firmly up giant sleeping 🙂 hence the title 🙂 perhaps too much imagination 🙂


      1. thank you, most graciously received and spread all around, received lots more back and now sending all those blessings and love back to you dear friend 🙂

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  1. Thank you for liking “Change” and “Grass Geometry.” Great photo! It is beautiful and surreal, which makes it a wonderful match for the poem. 🙂
    Your comment to stacilys reminded me of some stories other photographers have told me about almost falling, actually falling, or running like a crazy person just to get a great shot. 🙂

    I emailed you some new pictures a few days ago. Did you receive them?

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      1. I am happy to hear from you again, and I am glad to know that you received the pictures. 🙂 I almost got worried they ended up in the inbox of someone else.

        All is well for the most part except that my dad is not feeling well today because he did not sleep well last night. The heat is bothering him. He is not the only one who is bothered by the heat. A cashier at a store I went to on Tuesday complained that she did not like the summer heat because there are only so many clothes you can take off before you are arrested for indecent exposure. 🙂

        I hope you are doing well too, AB. Take care. 🙂

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      2. Interestingly yesterday London saw some thousand naked bike riders (weather was not the reason), in a rally. Did not take pictures of those as I believe event was distasteful especially through central London where there are lots of children visiting galleries and tourist attraction! We don’t normally don’t have too many hot days here but for back up I keep a small mobile air-conditioning unit (which you can move from room to room)! Take good care of your father and have a brilliant weekend!

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      3. Oh no! 😦 I also don’t like seeing public nudity, and I don’t like the idea of a lot of children seeing such a display. Luckily for me, awful events like that usually happen in places like San Francisco and not here in Sacramento. There is an annual bike race that is held in Sacramento, but the bikers wear clothes. I don’t even like seeing nudity in movies or those “naked dresses” some celebrities wear.

        We have a lot of hot days during the summer here in Sacramento. It sometimes gets over 100 F (about 38 C). My father does not like air conditioning, but he does have an electric fan. He also keeps bottles of cold water and diet soda in the refrigerator. I use a small battery-operated fan when it gets hot. I am glad that my father is feeling better now. Thanks for your concern, and I also hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

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