envious of fate,
destiny of others
sisters, brothers,
possessions, offspring,
while forgetting
your own spring
and summer and such
it is nothing much
but enough
to make life smile
for a long while
Be in peace
life’s new lease
Inhale, release
fresh air, beautiful morn
feel like a newborn
and dive in love ocean
contentment baits
tranquility awaits

20140127-033229 am.jpg

19 thoughts on “Jealousy”

  1. what a beautiful beach – there are beaches not far from us, and as if they were always available, we rarely go, no need to rush there, they will be there tomorrow waiting. Time flies this way, and we usually end up not going for a long time. (excuse my rambling) ,hugs – beautiful pictures!

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    1. Claudia, I am really grateful for your thoughts and entirely agree with them. Time flies, catch it before it catches your last breath and runs away, never to be seen 🙂

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    1. You are entitled to all of the above 🙂 however point of this post is to do something about 🙂 weekend is just here 🙂


  2. A special haven of mine.. my go-to place whenever I need to reflect. Perhaps I’d pay a visit this weekend and catch up! I’ll ever get tired of the sea, sun,and sand! 😉

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  3. This looks really warm and toasty! It’s cold & rainy where I live! I love summer this reminds me of summer! Haven’t been to the beach in forever my eyes feel like they have now!
    Why the title jealousy?


  4. “jealousy, like an octopus which throws out a first, then a second, and finally a third tentacle, fastened itself firmly to that particular moment…then to another, then to another again.”
    In Search of Lost Time, M Proust

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