Cries of the first trillionaire of the lost planet

message relayed
you are so late
humanity’s fate
rested in those
irresponsible hands
seas destroyed
barren lands
saving required
immense sacrifice
mere talk
will not suffice
but talk you did
in shadows hid
kept a tight lid
on issues grave
temperature rise
extinction on rise
species adored
shown death door
pennies to save
profits to make
arms are cure
poor must endure
ivory towers safe
rations they have
others good riddance
no admittance
humanity’s fate
of this late
everything died
except you
who flew
to your glass abode
everyone expired
whole planet fried
almighty cries
no one to listen
no one to complain
just a lone insane
and rest of the world
in demised memory laneIMG_2221.JPG


33 thoughts on “Cries of the first trillionaire of the lost planet”

      1. Not a lot really, China has 4 trillion in reserves, Japan 1.3, Saudi 0.8, USA’s debt on the other hand 18 trillion 🙂


      1. And the drug scene is up there as well. I am not a stat tracker on that, but we definitely have funds out and about throughout the world’s economy. To answer your question, no, not at this time. Will it? Not sure.


      2. Indeed, US created (literally, out of thin air) few trillion dollars in the last few years to keep its economy going since 2008 financial crisis.


      3. Haha, “out of thin air”, I hear all the time that ‘money is not real’ and “it is just paper,” but it seems like it could be easy to simply add what you need electronically, no? Not promoting that, just saying. I am speaking worldwide, as well.


      4. Indeed, that is what exactly happened, US created treasury paper (money) and on the other hand a US Government entity US Federal Reserve bought it and viola trillion dollars out of nowhere 🙂 UK did the same 🙂


  1. Many, sadly misguided. It will likely take a mutiny or revolution to effect a radically needed redirection. There is a tipping point and civilization is nearing it. The consequences can be hopeful or crossing a point of no return. My bet: humanity, good will, and common decency will prevail, even if many are already lost.


  2. I often wonder why you create several ping backs to the daily post every day when what you write rarely has anything to do with the prompt? Are you that desperate to boost visits to your blog or is there a deeper reason?


    1. Apologies that my actions somehow have become a concern worth pondering over 🙂 I really don’t take this medium that seriously that abiding all the rules is considered paramount, ultimately I believe we are all here to share what we can in the best possible way…through all avenues available. I don’t believe the 100 posts you see everyday on prompt (if you do read them all) are uniform or precisely relate to the prompt, as long there is some lose connection I think that should be ok 🙂 Even if there isn’t, do we really have to care that much 🙂 chill and enjoy life, it is short and too many rules will spoil it for you. Cheers 🙂


  3. Great poem, AB.. LOVE IT!! Thank YOU 🙂
    if better late than never could ever be true, please pardon the tardy, now, what shall we do? lets LOSE DEFENSE!!! that’ll be a nice start 🙂


  4. mere talk
    will not suffice
    but talk you did
    in shadows hid
    kept a tight lid
    on issues grave.. Wow AB.. these words are so real and truly depict the world situation today.. Very well written as always!!!


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