of diamonds, silver,
Sparkling gold
Shiny dwellings,
flashy carriages
Nothing old
Life, love, lust,
All on sale
All being sold
Lies are fashion
Truth was never
ever told
Hold and hold
till you depart

20140423-055525 pm.jpg

34 thoughts on “Trinkets”

  1. Thank you for liking “A Shadowy World.” I enjoyed reading this thoughtful poem. 🙂 There is so much emphasis on material things in this world. Some people will not be content until they have the latest gadget or pair of designer shoes, while other people are more extreme and will do whatever it takes to gain and wealth and power even if they have to hurt other people in the process. Sadly, society is constantly giving us messages that we are failures in life if we do not live like the rich and famous.

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    1. That is some brilliant collection.

      Dark and deep
      Where devils weep
      Long shadows
      In soul creep
      Tremendous cry
      Bodies burn, fry
      Undead raise
      Hearts faze
      a strong being
      observing it seems
      make light of this world
      notice screaming birds
      undead were trees
      covered with bees
      Weeping willows
      Beauty appears
      Moonlight spears
      shadows reveal
      such purity
      they conceal

      A mighty thank you for visiting this humble world of mine, a such beautiful narration of my ordinary words. Greatly appreciated. 🙂


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