Self indulgence – bear with me :-)

Why lie low
go with the flow
never let it go
a painting
a brush
evening bleakness
morning rush
early youth
late crush
in flight
on the surface
from a height
shooting stars
phoney wars
new planes
vintage cars
never stop
clicking shots
that’s what
you’ve got
rest, ignore
the whole lot

20140505-094852 am.jpg

37 thoughts on “Self indulgence – bear with me :-)”

      1. It was the other way round this time πŸ™‚ I had the poem, needed a self portrait (can’t bring myself to use the other word πŸ™‚ )

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      2. I only used it because that WordPress ‘challenge’ of a month or two back did. I hate it too, believe me ! I shall eschew it henceforth !!!! [grin]


  1. Nice words, they rhymed beautifully, without putting in efforts. And yes, it conveyed the message so well…

    Never stop
    Clicking shots
    That’s what
    you’ve got
    Rest, ignore
    the whole lot

    Yea..I think the rest is better left ignored.

    I am getting fond of your work..your poems!


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