Not for sale

Keep your gold, silver,
Shiny stones
Villas, palaces,
elephant bones
Mere dust of
my arid land
More precious
than everything
you own

20140503-063812 pm.jpg

24 thoughts on “Not for sale”

    1. Happiness is supposed to be a lasting feeling so probably never available in two packs at the same time. Joy, elation is another matter, few grams of some interesting mushroom, your favourite team winning a game, passing some exams, getting your holidays, designer bag, signed book by the author etc etc could get you there 😊

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      1. … those are just material things, they rust, get old, become un-interesting. I guess, being happy is only possible for a moment…

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      2. Indeed hence the word joy, exuberance and elation 😊 even a kiss, a pat on the back, a much needed hug, able to help someone will allow the same feeling. I think contentment on the other hand is long term and is very much possible and that is not for sale either and comes straight from your personna, soul or heart (whatever we believe in 😊)

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    1. Many thanks Sue, greatly appreciate your thoughts, I wholeheartedly agree, people focus too much on money and ones who have a lot of it think they can buy everything and everyone, it comes as shock to some of them that not everything is on sale. 😊


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