Lurking (again)

A boat awaits
for a journey to
high seas
Inside great ocean,
Yards in, miles out
immense darkness
humbles tiny soul within
chaos ready to break-in
after eras of utter calmness

20140416-085843 am.jpg

16 thoughts on “Lurking (again)”

  1. Well said and great analogy – very nice pictures that accompany your poetry as well. It’s always more powerful when you have accompanying visuals – at least in a blog format. Well done! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – and, just based on the tagline of your blog – are you a Douglas Adams fan?



    1. Absolutely a Douglas Adams fan 🙂 thank you for the return visit. My blog is all about my humble photography and words 🙂


      1. They are both eloquent and compliment each other very well. Some of your pictures are downright stunning. I look forward to continuing to view and read going forward.

        Cheers Ab!


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