Inexplicable random stare

Does a context
will explain,
my complain,
about life and
its not so
known facts,
Random acts,
for the beautiful ones,
has their own place,
space in life,
I know,
that explanation
is not much,
purpose and such,
never come close
to my beingIMG_0140.JPG

17 thoughts on “Inexplicable random stare”

    1. Staci, it requires an excellent detailed shot (good camera), multiple filters and bit of creativity and decent knowledge of few photo editing softwares then it takes just 7 minutes 🙂


  1. I love it. You could see them as art pieces AB.
    A have a professional camera, but it’s because my hubby knows what to do. We have a few different filters. Maybe I can get him to show me some time. Of course I’ll have to learn more about photography first.


      1. Even better. Great. Thanks AB. I showed my husband and he explained a little about it. So I think I will get him to show me some time. Of course when time permits.


  2. Most effective treatment of the photo.
    Of course, the stare isn’t inexplicable or random. He is, um, desirous of feminine company, and having spotted that very lady-like-bike is eagerly seeking the owner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like your interpretation, although Gentlemen is question should not have much of a problem in attracting company in the student city of Oxford 🙂


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