The sun called the day
Evening shadows getting longer
Dark night just appearing
Gradually opening its clutches
To grab everything around it
Consuming it
Assuming it
Will be swallowed
Agreeable to the hymns
Of solitude
And I miss you
The whole house
dear home
seat right next to me
Your feet right next to me
Playing toe to toe
I want to know
When will you come
When will the sun
Be shining around us
And the dawn will
Be there to greet us

AB 2 January, 2014
Photo AB Dec 2013

20140102-112830 pm.jpg


Since the time
you set
Birds eagerly wait
Don’t be late
Rise, and state
your purpose…
To serve to see
humanity be
What it is…
I fail to rise
Sapiens will cry
Earth will die

20140502-100225 pm.jpg

Ten islands’ tale

illuminating, bright
moonlight blight
this is the story
of ten islands of light
with inner cores,
full of fossil wax
exploited, abused,
rules were lax
once it was known
final reserves blown
time to reap
the black seed sown
life was endearing
situation worrying
denizens full of fear
seeing their end near
sages dreamed
best it seemed
was to enjoy
what wax remains,
populous agreed
to this idea insane,
don’t think of morrow
drown your sorrows
eat every tiny
little bit of pie,
light up the earth,
flare up the sky
wait for ultimate
known capitulation
the end as foreseen,
total annihilation
one island disagrees
saved its energy
see others evaporate
lives ruin, decimate
from this sorry tale,
thousand miles gale
hurricane burn
lessons to learn
live in moderation
with little bit of fun
but don’t lit all candles to
compete with the sun
conservation, sustainable
energy we need
sunlight, air, waves could feed
if nonsensical usage
we won’t amend
knowing too well
the sad sad end


be thankful
for the eyes which see
colours not to be
seen, reflections of
mighty sun,
unsung hero,
life provider number one
where you would be
Without me
You wouldn’t

20140502-125949 pm.jpg

Satan is dead

Darkness without death
wailing, abseiling
into a bottomless pit
dry rotten corpse

alive for thousand year
Soul still inside
feel the crawl of insects
slow eating parasites

their teeth gnawing
softened skull
heart has decayed
arteries full of puss

brain cells blackened
death never arrived
whatever has survived
very much the doubtful

hateful, spite thrived
monster, suffers violently
screams silently
no one to hear,

no one to care
no one to cry
just demons and I
waiting for the day

when oppressed have a say
punishment be found
chained and bound
hell I come

immense welcome
by devil himself
a score to settle
how I dare meddle

take centre stage
in pain and hate
defining demons fate
I smile, and I smirk

make Satan easy work
vanquishing demons king
declaring hell my domain
no one to remain sane

humanity to suffer
intolerable excruciating pain
as I did for eons in
my limbs’ rotten veins

Swimming at the speed of sound

fly away
how far can you go
trying to get away
go beyond reach
from that heartbeat
wide smile greet
most amazing treat
now torture of the worst kind
better be blind
then look at the lie
created to suit need
being endearing to all
fraudulent call,
still unable to get away
broken heart, soul sway
perhaps death will bring relief
long forgotten belief
that there is good around
kindness still abound
love could be found
unless being luckless
destiny utter feckless
soul so reckless
goes ahead, dives in a ditch
heartless never flinch
takes a knife, cuts all veins
happy memory lanes
dishonest tyranny reigns
passion lost, ruthless gains
soul runs miles, fortitude wanes,
unable to stop, this fatal drop
and falling airborne me!IMG_0165.JPG


One short journey, two thoughts…

1. Silly one first
Train train go away
Come again another day
Heart just wants to stay
No hard toil, just pure play

2. Slightly pensive one –
When the journey commences
we look behind
find nothing but
dust of our thoughts
hardship we brought
by thinking too much
not acting enough
before the moment has passed