My empire is vast
Is going to last
for centuries to come
Said the mighty King
a few summers back
All is gone
since his death
Now there is a
Unnamed broken
and a
Majestically adorned
golden throne
in a place unknown!!

20140113-064511 am.jpg

44 thoughts on “Relic”

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support Nine (I definitely need to know how to pronounce your name at some point and origin of your name 🙂


      1. 🙂 Nine = short for Stefanie, it means “the small one” in french, and I am small, that’s….ALL


      2. Thank you so much Nine (Neen 🙂 ) appreciate this a lot 🙂 intriguing part is you write poetry in German 🙂
        Kindest regards


  1. I bequeath unto this poignant work of poetry my royal and sacred seal, to be cherished by the receiver for all the time of my reign.
    Signed – The Impermanent King


  2. Love it AB. My interpretation is like this:
    The high and mighty think they are oh-so-powerful and important. But as dust we were made, dusk we will become again. Soon after we’re gone, we are forgotten. So it’s really just arrogance, wouldn’t you say? Where are your values, oh King?
    Thanks AB. Food for thought.


    1. Staci, that is exactly what I have said here….we all our equal, power makes people arrogant and they start thinking too much of themselves 🙂


      1. Well … why fer crissake did I refer to Shelley on any poetic matter other than this poem’s having a kind of “Ozymandias” angle …?!


      2. You’ve stunned me. I have NO IDEA what I was talking about. Sorry; but I’m really angry at myself, and I owe you a sincere apology. The comment I wrote bore no relevance whatsoever to the poem. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ? Was I commenting on another poem and clicked in the wrong place …? Or am I just going senile? I am so sorry, you can’t imagine, AB …


      3. I was intending to remind you to edit my Comment – thought of that while having my (early) breakfast. Apologies. My language is heavily restricted, normally.


    1. Probably apply to times today and of yesteryears, humans always consider themselves invincible and all mighty till they fall from the grace 🙂


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