Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Mosque

20131127-090852 pm.jpg
People know the city for its oil wealth and F1 racing! I will know it for its truly majestic mosque. Here are few shots…

20131127-091534 pm.jpg

20131127-091354 pm.jpg

20131127-091511 pm.jpg

20131127-091449 pm.jpg

20131127-091435 pm.jpg

20131127-091418 pm.jpg

58 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Mosque”

    1. Definitely it is a beautiful sight, around Maghreb, it is perfect you get the dusk and then evening lights create a beautiful ambience πŸ™‚ thank you πŸ™‚


      1. Would be amazing at Fajr and especially at Sun down Maghrib time… ah when we look at such objects we realise how beautiful Gods gift to creation really is, especially in the talents of creativity!


    1. Semra, indeed one of the most magnificent places for praying, interesting fact, all prayers are held in a side section and not in the main hall unlike Blue Mosque!

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