Changing masks

Imagination figment
Colour pigment
Jumps and hops
Mountain tops
Deeds and sin
Glowing skin
Warm hearts
Brand new parts
Heart rise
Age arrives
Mellowness comes
Speed dims
Slow and soft
Life’s raft
Emotion grows
High and lows
Love comes
Lust goes
Mighty and highs
tire and sigh
Doesn’t matter
how you fly
Life stages
can’t deny

20140227-054044 pm.jpg

84 thoughts on “Changing masks”

  1. Terrific poem, AB. I’d like the photo a lot better if I didn’t keep thinking of the unfortunate birds who would’ve been signed off for their feathers. But that’s just me.


    1. Brilliant, you liked it and I am very pleased 🙂 re venetian mask, I must admit that thought did not cross my mind. They were quite cheap so not sure this was done at the expense of lots of birds, however I am quite ignorant on the subject!

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  2. Masks are intriguing, beautiful, have an air of mystery and so much more. I love your pairing of poem and photo!
    I think we all wear invisible emotional masks at times…because we are afraid, or wonder if people will like us, and so much more.


      1. Da dum

        This is the story of of red hair dame
        As it happened on a ordinary day
        By the time it went away
        Life just changed in a strange way
        Minding her business writing lovely words
        Smiling, sipping coffee, eating soufflé
        Came out of nowhere this rowdy bloke
        Beating his drum, showing his play
        She ignored, got back to her task
        Without her knowledge, that beat just stays
        In her mind and in her heart
        a poem just tingled, made her sway
        She wrote and wrote all other things
        The poem just would not go away
        Pushed her to be written in pink notes
        her heartbeats sounds and what they say
        Little did she knew, the bloke was around
        Read the poem; a rose display
        Beautiful, soulful, just too good
        He was not sure what to say
        Blurted some garbled letters, made a mess
        The fool and his drum, noise to the full
        Lass perplexed, said, please tell and pray
        What do you want sir unknown
        Playing your drum, being this gay
        Answer came, surprised her
        I am so happy you made my day
        Wrote that poem as if on my heart
        Beating my drum Da dum, da day 🙂


      2. Back and forth my fingers rub
        Along the words of this gentleman’s drum
        A powerful force seems to be working here
        I almost hear your whispers upon my ear
        Distance seperates yet I feel so near
        Words of clarity found surprising me, dear
        Twin heartbeats play with becoming one
        I loved hearing the sound of your drum
        Allow me the honor of staying
        Mesmerizing drum da dum, da daying

        I wish I had more time for a proper reply. How long have you had this, AB?


      3. 🙂 And I always play drum on the screen when I see something amazing, like your response 🙂 typing in rhythm on my iPad 🙂


      4. Now now, let’s not make your words carry me away 🙂

        Sliding fingers on my heart
        Tinkering tingle
        Fairy princess
        Fixing broken part


      5. Beautiful,

        I don’t want to allow
        that caressing, soothing
        rose petal finger
        Softest marshmallow touch
        As my heart may fail miserably
        with utter happiness
        It is rather too much


      6. Night approaches saying end is near
        How can I say good bye,
        To a mesmerising hold of you
        Beautiful dreams awaits with sweet sound of lullaby
        From heavens, songs created, cared and nurtured only for me
        In all this awe, a tear just drops,
        Letting you go who is so dear


    1. 🙂 thank you Staci 🙂 would it also affect you as you are outside Rio? Does other cities also have similar festivals in Brasil? Apologies for my ignorance…


      1. No need to apologize.
        Yup, the entire country celebrate Carnaval. However, it takes on a different appearance depending where you are. Rio and Sao Paulo have these huge Samba parade competitions. Salvador has huge outdoor concerts with famous artists on these huge trucks that have stages on them for bands to play. The streets are crazy. Most other cities celebrate in some fashion as well. My city doesn’t really have much though. Nothing on the streets. But the whole country takes the actual day of Carnaval off. Well actually, four days.
        This mask wasn’t Brazilian though was it? I think maybe it was Cuban? Am I right?


  3. Beautifully worded !
    It’s but a child , who comes without a ‘Mask’,
    Innocent , fun-filled , the world a lark,
    But as you grow, down life’s furrows,
    Various ‘masks’ make their way ,
    At various turns , as you stray ….


  4. We all play our parts
    in this show of life
    while our age ripens
    but the show goes on
    joy or sorrow
    with various curls
    as the world swirls
    at this show called life.

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