Balloons’ stampede

march and march
Rings and torch
are missing
Otherwise could claim
its olympics
20140225-061951 am.jpg

20140225-061958 am.jpg

20140225-062005 am.jpg

20140225-062647 am.jpg

20140225-062718 am.jpg

30 thoughts on “Balloons’ stampede”

      1. That’s the OTHER thing I’m going to throttle you for. I’ve cured you almost of one. Now promise me you won’t apologise any more.
        AB, I enjoy your posts ENORMOUSLY. Why would I be here all the time driving you bonkers if I didn’t?! 🙂


      2. Let’s say I know what annoys you, hence I put both thanks and apologies in the same message 🙂 remember ‘thousand apologies’ Abdul from ‘mind your language’, next time I will say ‘thousand apologies’ and you have to assume the thick accent and the widest grin on my face and that pretty much sums up me, as in I, as in Moi 🙂

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