Centuries passed
stood my ground
generations born
Kings sworn
suffered all seasons
and more, before
was cut down
roots blown
on a piece of land
you ‘own’

20140519-032014 pm.jpg

Cosmic colours

Rose petals blush
daffodils bloom
lilies loom
kissing, caressing
those fingers
affection lingers
for eons in surreal
beautiful moments
women are goddesses
shapeshifting odysseys
universe will be empty
humanity nonexistence
futile all resistance
when she smiles
closes her eyes
moves her hair
shows her flair
just bow and kiss
those lips from heaven


Harsh words
Thick and solid stones
Will break hearts
Won’t break souls
Soft spoken
Real, affectionate
truths in a sugar
coated pill
Strengthens your will
to carry on
And you remember
these gems,
love, laughter,
green shoots of
joy stems
from these
bare shiny rocks,
loyalty locks!

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Rekindling of hope

The moment of hope
freedom, joy
is nearly upon us,
Thus, leave mundane

arcane, absolutely useless
fruitless, rootless chores,
adore, beauty, charm,
smiling, warm

welcoming faces
traces of good tidings
hidden in wooden horses
riding on pure luck

fate will go,
bit by bit, easy on you
just show destiny the courage
and stay the course

move with gusto, force,
bring back enthusiasm of
past gone era,
one you have lost in improbable

chase of glory and greed
go back to that time
when world was all green
bright and preened

from all the doom and gloom
create a plan, build a barn
loom cotton yarn, anything
which allows removal of doubt

create once again
that belief in self,
not clout of some, who declare,
write in flares, warnings abound

Don’t go around testing heights,
that can be reached,
their grip breached
giving them fright,

that their Reign,
gold adorned lanes
have no attraction,
lost its traction
to brave ones,

the hour, mighty moment is upon us
rise we shall, wise will mull
for centuries to come, of today
with their all encompassing

hindsight lens
to what does not make sense
and still marvel at our victorious
at some time laborious march,

to liberation, salvation,
end of tyranny,
Raise your voices to
Long last mutiny!

with few flickering lights,
a desire to fight,
to get back our rights
our freedom, our sight
and our hope



what a smile tell us
is it real
or mere fake
over the moon
deep inside a lake

a distraction
for sanity sake
wishing the world
on a birthday cake

greed and gold
pure satisfaction
young or old
out of affection

soft lines on cheeks
pleasure leaks
demanding attention
lust seeks

innocent eyes
never tell lies
true happiness
reveals and shies

a moment long
forever present
full moon flare
admiring crescent

years pass
memories fade
will never forget
that smile you had



will wait
still state
dark shadows
long claws
can’t hide
can’t run
wrong move
one touch
you are done
know the feel
kneel and kneel
still no mercy
your life
little amusement
lots of fun
you are done
why hide
why run
you die
Don’t be shy
blue sky
scorching sun
you are done

20140518-031819 pm.jpg

Last tryst

Spring flowers move with your steps
Birds sings, smiling, kissing your lips
Bend littered with countless broken hearts
Ones which never saw your perfect endearing eyes
Looking at this humble, insignificant being
Coming closer and closer you extend
Your beautiful soft rose hand
To be held, kissed, worshiped even
in those heavenly dreams I believe in
Sandals come off those beautiful feet
Clouds make way and retreat
In blue we just fly
floating to the seventh sky
When my hand touches your arm
my soul just lose it, heart disarms
Misgivings I had of death
That’s all I want instead
To be with you till eternity

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