To my young martyrs of Peshawar

The journey doesn’t end
we have hearts my friends

your decayed remnants fertilise
thousand billion souls

Making this earth, sky,
moon and sun,
the universe whole

New saplings will born,
new life will begin

All because the courage
ideals, will of few,
that is all of you

Colours, greens, blues
golden, beholden glues

of spirit and affection
of life and love exists,
humanity persists,
your sacrifice insists

that, we keep the faith
avenge every breath
you did not take

Revolution is born
we have sworn
on your green,
graves filled with
innocence never seen

our passion will flood
every river every lake
drowning all monsters
whatever it takes

I am, we are
forever indebted
to your sacrifice

Until we meet again
at the doors of heaven
and finally regain
our sanity

and perhaps
if life does take
its natural course
and justice is served
well deserved, soon,
our humanity

Dec 2014

84 thoughts on “To my young martyrs of Peshawar”

  1. Thank you sharing these words of positivity AB. I’m still in shock from what’s happened. I need to believe that we can come together and that my Pakistani brothers and sisters can move on to become stronger.

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    1. I hope so Sam, I really hope so. It won’t be long before we all go on and do what is normal for us, while parents of these children, friends, cousins will never see them again, it will never be normal for them ever, and that school and classes will always remember that dark day!!

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  2. Beautiful words for a tragic,non-sense act. Hopefully one day, things like what we see way too often will be things belonging to the past and peace will spread through the world…but I know I am dreaming of something I will probably never see in my lifetime.

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  3. It is a terrible, terrible thing when the dreams of our future and hope of young lives get sacrificed to fill some a wrongful worship of violence. Please continue to honor their memory with beautiful words, each time you do it takes away from the power of those committing such horrific acts.

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    1. It is actually killing humanity, our hope, but these martyrs will keep reminding us the horrors of terrorism and urgent need to address the root causes and perpetrators of these atrocities. I really hope that this will awake a sleeping nation to act against such barbarians.


    1. I am from Pakistan and Peshawar that wonderful city has a special place in my heart, we used to call it city of the most beautiful flowers, now we are calling it the city of most beautiful dead flowers…people are so angry and frustrated with inaction and ineptitude of Government and security forces…


      1. Yes, and it is so heart breaking and leaves us with no glimmer of hope in humanity…no one talks about the fact that these Talaiban’s are a mercenary ruthless monsterous army which has nothing to do with the religion but more to do with some absolutely evil men trying to create their own version of prehistoric world which never existed…


      2. I just cannot believe they ever were Muslims.Rather they are not humans and have their own dark forces at work behind them.The religion which teaches its followers to respect other humans(Muslims or not) cannot be the source of such tyranny among its own believers.


      3. I agree AJ, in a way it is not about what religion they claim to be from, it is more about what they preach which utter hatred and death to anyone who does not follow them irrespective of the religion of the other human being, I am totally disgusted, read my earlier words about Beyond Grief and you will understand extent of my abhorence


      4. It pains my heart that a grater part of humanity is unaware of the truth of these psychotic agents of Satan and of religious ideology and the difference between them.Yes,I shall read the post.


      5. You are very kind and generous as well, please keep the faith, I believe after few more years have been added to our lives, you will see that justice will be served, nature is not blind, it will happen! Have a wonderful evening! It is a pleasure that you will come along on this journey of discovery of self, I very much welcome your contribution and adorning this humble net abode with your beautiful and empathy filled thoughts.


      6. Of course not, I am certainly not someone who mock people, it was merely if you wish to continue with your penname certainly AJ is much better and real!


      7. I understand, it seems you are slightly new to this, hence as and when you send a comment it tell the other person your email address, if you wish to not show your name then change your default email at wordpress. Also it also tells me in a round about way where you are currently, making sure you understand ways of the internet…


  4. O my God
    Where had Thee been
    Whilst these brain empty
    Heartless monsters
    Were pumping their bullets
    On the innocents
    Who were sent by their wards
    To study 3Rs
    Including what is Light
    Which education can only give
    But these kids
    God bullets
    Sprayed by the worst people
    And stopped their journey ahead
    Awarding deaths
    Where degrees
    They must have earned
    And would’ve become the sustenance
    Of their wards at their oldage
    Think of the one
    Who lost his/her only one
    O God
    At the most take these departed
    Souls in Thy bosom for ever
    And also bestow enough courage
    To their bereaved families
    To bear this irreparable loss.
    O my Omnipotent God
    Give solace to the effected parents.


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      1. Children are the common for us all. They are the future of our civilization. If they are affected in any way then our future would be in doll drum. They are also considered to be the support of their aged parents. If they are cut off then God is only the support.


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