Riding a deer, hearing a seer, a story, a tale, inside a gale

little traveller, ride with me, let me show you the world
its contradictions and most affable beings, animals, birds

Devils showing affection, hugs and their hold
how saints turn evil, those tales which are never told
to you and I, those are best ones, ignore rest ones
let’s search someone who could spill the beans

old friend Rusty rabbit, ready to tell the tale
describing ponderous journey flying inside a gale
engaging to extreme, time passes it seems
and no one, absolutely not one soul, notices

tale unfolds, muted emotions, colours are bold,
details of creatures, things they can do
absolutely incredible, beyond true
then enter charades, colossal mighty parades

of million thousand Deers, each singing a hymn
hmmmmm hmmmm, o dear Lord, we gather at this feast
give us strength, protect from evil beasts
their singing rise and rise, reaching beyond fortissimo

world joins the chorus, trees move with the beat
animals Kingdom awakens with Angels on their feet
suddenly, silence breaks the spell, we are left in wonder
weather has turned wasteful, rain clouds and thunder

another day perhaps, come back and surrender
your heart to conclude this journey my friend
from this side of the earth, to the other endIMG_0238.JPG

18 thoughts on “Riding a deer, hearing a seer, a story, a tale, inside a gale”

  1. “another day perhaps, come back and surrender
    your heart to conclude this journey my friend
    from this side of this earth, to the other end”

    What a beautiful poetical journey, these ending words, saying so many things… Thank you, photograph and poem hit me as always dear AB, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

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  2. I hope that buck makes it through the winter. I’m sure there are oodles of hunters out there who would love to shoot this beautiful creature for his rack, and I seriously doubt they’d do it with a camera.

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    1. oh he will, there are no guns in London to hunt this fellow, Bushy Park, Richmond has dozens of deers around. Funny incidents with deers involved include if you are seen eating in front of them with a picnic basket then they would come around and demand their share. It is all very civil Marcy, no need to worry 😀


      1. And many more, park keepers over the years have to go for a necessary cull when they outgrow their Maximum herd size, otherwise all is well.


      2. If you look at a map of Virginia, you’ll see all sorts of familiar names, stemming from England. We are one of the 13 original states. A lot of our Revolutionary and Civil War History is embedded in our State’s history.

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