Rush hour

will today be any different
or same rush and drag
morning nightmares
work’s lingering lag
passing thousand hurdles
tongues fiddle and gag
mind sinks, doesn’t think,
today would be any better
in a mad rush, talk later

20140128-010039 am.jpg

48 thoughts on “Rush hour”

      1. I don’t think it got posted, probably the best thing is to repost it or send me the link to the post…apologies, I have looked at your page several times but unable to find it…


    1. Many thanks Eric 🙂 just impatient fingers and random clicks, nature is too kind, provides the colours, the contrast and happenings 🙂


    1. Anne, thank you so much, well I am truly humbled to hear that, ‘existence of existence’ is a bit of random work I did last night on my way home when I got to this square 😊

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  1. I don’t understand what’s funny about rush hour, which we hear on the news endlessly. Hmm. You need to cozy up in front of a fire and give me a lesson on the AB method. I’m starting to get lose in what I see as he wrong would or phrase, and then these … hmm. people, who clearly couldn’t critique a poem if you paid them. I say that only because my Ph.D is, as you know in Comp Lit and that taught me how to critique. Oh yes, the is a WAY to crtiqgue poetry, AB.


    1. I am very thankful for your words Mark, though mind you I don’t give much respect to critics since I don’t write this for them, it for myself and people around me 😄


      1. Quite right … it’s how a poet should write. I was speaking to the previous commenter, who seemed either not to have read the poem carefully or who just wanted to write a comment.

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      2. So balanced … and kind, you rascal. I wasn’t chastising him, only expression my befuddlement. And I do tend to over-analyze thing. My boyfriend always said that I was too, “Thinkative.” Just to give you the heebie-jeebies, he was English … I also come from a highly literate household, my mom was a Psychiatrist and my Father (who died shortly after my mother) was a much respected attorney in Los Angeles. That house hold, which I adore and revere in retrospect, was like the von Trapp’s …. we ALL had to eat together at the same time, and dress for dinner. as well being prepared to “offer” to the conversation. At the time I thought it was crazy-making (like not being allowed to call our two maids by their first names, because it seemed, as my mother put, “louche and disrespectful.” As an adult, most people comment on my manners, the fact that I never curse, as well as the fact that I haul my Book of Common Prayer around with me in my Satchel … because it’s like my snoopy blanket!

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      3. Now now, there is no need for commotion here 😀 Many thanks for sharing your life, sounds like quite a proper upbringing to me!


      4. It was … and I love my parents for providing it. I’ve rarely had any commotion in my life. A little bit might do me some good!


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