it is my turn
to swim, to run
travel tough times
and walk in water
millions not required
few coins we are after
to feed loved ones
growing daughters, young sons
and allowing some rest
when the day is done
20140417-074754 pm.jpg

16 thoughts on “Rotation”

  1. Doesn’t seem like much to ask for. My Pa came from a family of 7 children! My Grandpa used to hunt and fish to put food on the table for his kids! What an amazing pressure that must have been to Feed his children from the work of his hands! I think of that often. To not be able to do so would make one feel crazy, I think! Beautiful post!


    1. Indeed, making ends meet was something quite a challenge, it is still is most parts of the world, looking all around I observe so many people in poverty. Thank you for your continued support ☺️ very much appreciated.


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