Eyes gleaming
With dreams of tomorrow
a brighter future
a fulfilling life
so naive so innocent
I wish them well
If only I can tell
Humanity’s affair
With utter despair
Bigotry and hate
Pre determined fate
of silver-spoon ones
while the rest run and run
to make ends meet
to clean the streets
to wash humanity’s skirt
from filth and dirt!

20140114-103057 pm.jpg


56 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. very true. the society should be kinder to children, whether they are their own or not, and human beings should be very serious about family planning.

    just imagine, the hell this kids go through when they are supposed be pampered, nurtured!

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  2. Have you seen the movie “Not today”? Made me cry throughout the whole thing. So much injustice in the world. In Portuguese there’s a saying, “Olhando para seu proprio umbigo” – it means “looking at your own belly button.” In other words, people are too busy thinking about themselves and their own problems that they miss out on what’s really bothersome.
    Blessings =) Once again and excellent post.

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  3. Such beautiful precious children! I wish all children were cherished and treated with care and respect and love!
    Thank you for your true words and your photo, AB.
    Another post the whole world should see.


  4. There is enough to serve everyone’s needs, not everyone’s greed. I despair of the world as its going. It was never inclusively supportive and good of everybody and that callous attitude has eroded the good that there was and has turned it to desperation, selfishness and isolation. I don’t think population control is the answer. I think we need to be inspired by creating new ways of using the Earth’s natural resources to support life by using suppressed technologies and uncovering the truth of our past as a way of reconciling the present. We can’t continue this way.

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    1. I agree with you Nicola, however the issue is that there is no progress on human values, if anything world is getting more materialistic everyday, migration to cities and worship of money and celebrity is everywhere. Internet on one hand is spreading more information at the same time making everyone aware of ludicrous inequality in this world.

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      1. That’s right, but this is not the first time in history that the balance is off (Roman Empire)… the Internet is a great place but there are strong moves to regulate it, to restrict information… and strong moves to keep it open.


  5. Some parents need to think carefully before giving birth. Why? Because I have heard and seen cases of selling own children for money. Some sold children are fortunate, but some are slaved. Very sad cases


    1. Yoshiko, that is indeed something insane with us humans, money is everything, we spill blood, kill people, sell our souls just for little more of it. Shame on us.


      1. Yoshiko, own body is better than selling kids or killing others. Though if someone is doing that then society has made her do that which is another sorry situation.


  6. The destiny here on this earth is not the ultimate experience. While here, however, may we all make it a little better place for one another. God bless the children. Thank you for this poignant poem and reminder.


    1. And many thanks Susan for your reminder to higher purpose of human existence. Much appreciated. I believe if we make this world a better place for our generation, our aim for heavens will be achieved. It all starts here, wherever it finishes.


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