What part I played in evolution
Science, discovery’s revolution
Let’s have endless debate about this
Controversy conspiracy conspiversy
Lord’s mercy, on your soul
20140607-111712 am-40632372.jpg


28 thoughts on “Contropiracy”

    1. Science graduate, studied physics and maths all my life. Difficult to not to trust science (our lives depend on it including this device we are using to communicate with each other) however the strange word around science is belief…I don’t think I believe in science or any of scientific theories unless it is proven by fact and experimental evidence. How do we square evolution with faith? Hence I raised the spectre of endless debate 🙂


      1. hmm interesting. I don’t want to debate about this but I will just say that I believe in the creation of God and I respect your thoughts. No judgment 🙂 great picture though


      2. yes 🙂 we are the same.
        of course I believe in some of the things about science but evolution is not one of them. Science is great and it has done some great discoveries.


      3. Where are my manners 🙂 thank you so much for the comment and feedback 🙂 very much appreciated 🙂


      4. It is my pleasure
        reading girl in Reading
        funeral or a wedding
        books always in hands
        no one understands
        bookworm who excels
        wild behind the veil 🙂


      5. aww that is such an awesome poem. Thank you! I LOVE it. Give me permission to post in my blog but giving you credit?


      6. You can post it my dear any way you like it, with credit without credit, it is not important, what was/is important is that you liked it and I am pleased to hear that 🙂


      7. AB is the name, charming is my game, don’t fall still, you will fall ill, seriously 🙂 stop looking at the screen starting now, and don’t respond 🙂


  1. Interesting and thought provoking. Love the picture! Evolution is a theory that is difficult to prove absolutely, but we cannot deny that however we were created, we are part of the natural cycle of this world. We just forget or won’t admit it.


    1. Great addition to the conversation, thank you for your contribution 🙂 I agree with your comment, we are all part of earth’s natural cycle and not some alien beings, except perhaps few of us 😉 now that is entirely new discussion for a later day 🙂


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