Redeeming run

child within me
runs towards the sun
to know what is
behind the light
losing my sight
to what is now
will not bow
aiming to the bright
afraid of heights
fortitude guides
where I have to go
nothing to show
just a blackened heart
and courage to start
something never been
thought, none has seen
distances I could go
flying on the flow
to reach redemptionIMG_0180.JPG



16 thoughts on “Redeeming run”

    1. Kate, good to hear from you, I hope you are well. Indeed that inner child has kept me going on this path to somewhere new, slightly older me loves false pretence status quo et al ☺️

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    1. let them play, break things, create wonderful stories, get excited about absolutely nothing, be the happiest after a hug, sleep with sweetst dreams and rise and shine looking forward to a day full of wonder and amazement 😊

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      1. Ok let’s do that I agree! I don’t ever want to get too big, or think I’m beyond swinging, running, jumping and kicking up my heels. I’m just maybe a little more cautious about falling as it hurt more now! 😀 I love your posts! 😀

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